This event is NOT cancelled.

Sorry for the confusion and miscommunication!

The event is still on as scheduled.

2024 Survival Medicine

From slopes to ropes and seas to bees.

This conference will cover patient care anywhere outside of four walls.

Not all who wander are lost... but all who wander can become your next patient.

Learn what you don't know, share what you have learned.

Classes are open, interactive, approachable, educational, and enjoyable.

This year we focus on survival medicine.

Lectures and Workshops will cover:

The focus of the conference is "Survival Medicine". A purposefully broad topic to incorporate how to use wilderness medical skills to aid in survival. We will have a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: Providing care on an Airplane, Extreme weather conditions, Taking care of pediatrics in the wilderness, How to avoid common ailments causing death in the wilderness, Toxins, Preparing for long hikes, How to prepare medical kits, etc.

3 Days of hands on learning