Not Finalized, Tentative

Wednesday May 8th

0830: Coppersmith: Introductions
0900: Baumeister: Trauma in the Austere Environment

Work-shops: 1000 and 1100
Nicole Elliot: Improvised splints litters and carries
Ratner: Emergency Airways
Baumeister: General Wilderness Medical Kits
Coppersmith: Women’s issues in traveling

1200: Lunch
1300: Greg Fischer: Physics and Physiology of Altitude
1400: Pete Favini: Field management of orthopedic problems

Workshops: 1500, 1600
Sigal: Foot Maladies: Trench foot, blister care, frost bite, gear selection
Salen: Diarrhea
Coppersmith: CPR in wilderness environment
Derek Fikse: Wilderness Toxicology
Elliot: Avalanche Rescue

Thursday May 9th

Friday May 10th

0800: Kirth Steele: Dive Medicine
0900: Brian Whitmore - Managing Disasters on Airplanes

Workshops 1000 1100
Stankewicz: Plant toxins and dermatitis
Baker: Snake Envenomation
Lauren Sharpe: General Gear selection/ first aid kids, Packing for the outdoors Steele: Hyperbaric Oxygen and Recompression Therapy

1200: Lunch
1300-1500: Veronica Coppersmith - Wilderness Medicine Skills Course

0800: Rebecca Jeanmonod: How people die in the mountains
0900: Bowman: Animal attacks

Workshops 1000, 1100
Bowman: water procurement and purification
Marko Yurochek: Survival: Fire building
Ray: Survival Signaling
Rollhauser: Basics of knot tying, anchors, and Rope

Rescue Stankewicz: Hypothermia

1200: Lunch
1300: Donald Jeanmonod - Jungle Medicine
1400: Rebecca Jeanmonod: Pediatric Wilderness Medicine

Workshops: 1500, 1600
Marko Yurochek - survival: Shelter building

Ratner/Coppersmith - OMM in the wilderness
Rollhauser: High angle Rope rescue
Bowman: Hotel Evac and Bug out Bags
Ray: GPS navigation