Not Finalized, Tentative

Wednesday May 8th

0830: Coppersmith: Introductions
0900: Ratner: Trauma in the Austere Environment

Work-shops: 1000 and 1100
Nicole Elliott: Improvised splints litters and carries
Assisted by: Michael Nguyen MD FACEP, FAWM Candidate, Curtis Flaherty MD, FAWM Candidate, Christopher Kennedy DO, Alex (Stephen) Lee DO, Samantha Gaetani MD, Alay Parikh DO, FAWM Candidate, Mostafa Meleis MD, FAWM Candidate, Chad Keller MD, Charles Wowkanech MD
Ratner: Emergency Airways
Coppersmith: Women’s issues in traveling
Berggren: Avalanche Rescue

1200: Lunch
1300: Greg Fischer: Physics and Physiology of Altitude

Workshops: 1500, 1600
Sigal: Foot Maladies: Trench foot, blister care, frost bite, gear selection
Salen: Diarrhea
Coppersmith: CPR in wilderness environment and canine rescue
Derek Fikse: Wilderness Toxicology
Cobb: Avoiding and Surviving Animal attacks

Thursday May 9th

Friday May 10th

0800: Kirth Steele: Dive Medicine
0800: Pete Favini: Field management of orthopedic problems
0900: Whitmore: Tactical Emergency Medical Services and Tactical Critical Casualty Care

Workshops 1000 1100
Stankewicz: Plant toxins and dermatitis
Baker: Snake Envenomation
Lauren Sharpe: General Gear selection/ first aid kids, Packing for the outdoors Steele: Hyperbaric Oxygen and Recompression Therapy
Pester: Managing Disasters on airplanes

1200: Lunch
1300-1500: Veronica Coppersmith - Wilderness Medicine Skills Course
Assisted by: Samantha Gaetani MD, Christopher Kennedy DO, Curtis Flaherty MD, FAWM Candidate, Danielle Sultan DO, Stephen Alex Lee DO, Mahrukh Malik MD, Alay Parikh DO, FAWM Candidate

0800: Rebecca Jeanmonod: How people die in the mountains
0900: Bowman: Animal attacks

Workshops 1000, 1100
Bowman: water procurement and purification
Marko Yurochek: Survival: Fire building
Ray: Survival Signaling
Rollhauser: Basics of knot tying, anchors, and Rope

Rescue Stankewicz: Hypothermia

1200: Lunch
1300: Donald Jeanmonod - Jungle Medicine
1400: Rebecca Jeanmonod: Pediatric Wilderness Medicine

Workshops: 1500, 1600
Marko Yurochek - survival: Shelter building

Ratner/Coppersmith - OMM in the wilderness
Rollhauser: High angle Rope rescue
Bowman: Hotel Evac and Bug out Bags
Ray: GPS navigation